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Heat & Fluid Dynamics

Hendriks Engineering

Industrial use of steam, water and air is several hundred years old and during that time a wealth of knowledge and experience has been built up. This expertise is partly available within your company but also partly specialized and difficult to access, such as parts of thermodynamics and fluid flow dynamics. And this specialism is still occasionally required, for example for the adaptation of installations to new operating conditions. Knowledge of all technological options is then needed to arrive at an optimal business case.

Hendriks Engineering is a specialist in the development of such projects. We place the desired performance against the technological possibilities and thus arrive at a cost/benefit analysis as the basis for your business case. We do this for utility installations such as steam boilers, cooling towers, compressors, dryers and ovens.

In such a project, we start off with an analyzes of your specific business situation and put the options side by side in a preliminary study. Then we will work with you and the equipment suppliers to achieve your optimal business case.

Our approach has been working successfully for many years with companies like DSM, Xella and Danisco. An example of a project can be found on the right and a list of cases elsewhere on this site. There you’ll also find our detailed services offer with, among other things, our unique starting proposition: the first consult is always free and without obligations. Please look around on our site and call or email us with any questions.

An example

A plastic manufacturer wants to bring a new variety to the market and for this he has to expand production facilities with among others a chilled water unit.
The project is stranded on the high investment for this unit.
Our investigations show that a water temperature of 16 degree Celsius is sufficient low and that this temperature is achievable 85% of the time with an adapted ordinary cooling tower. The chilled water unit is no longer needed and the business case has been rescued. However, during high summer, production is limited and delivery is partly from stock.

Also a possibility, but .....

You may skip the investigation phase and immediately seek advice from the original equipment manufacturer. But he is focussed on his own equipment and does not burn fingers to solutions in peripheral areas. As a result, options with the lowest costs often remain out of the picture.