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Heat & Fluid Dynamics

Knowledge Center

In the Knowledge Center, an extensive amount of information, knowledge and know how about our trade is brought together. It includes expertise about engineering, construction, commissioning and application of equipment and also the complementary disciplines such as process control, process safeguarding and reliability analysis. With respect to safety, health and the environment (SHE), the Knowledge Center is particularly specialized in explosion safety, emission requirements, noise abatement and SHE studies.
All the expertise in the Knowledge Center is based on, and tested on experience from the field.
The Knowledge Center is housed in our premises in Nuth.

Our expertise is embedded in a thorough knowledge of fluid flow, heat transfer and thermodynamics. In the Knowledge Center also the equipment-specific aspects of the disciplines mechanical engineering, combustion and thermochemistry is housed.
For very specific expertise, we have a cooperation with the knowledge institution RWTH Aachen.

If you wish to make use of our Knowledge Center, please let us know.
Sometimes you may want to use external help to get a problem clear, for brainstorming or to challenge proposed solutions. We regularly participate in this type of activities and we are glad to share our expertise with you.