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Heat & Fluid Dynamics


Utility installations last for decades and during this period, customers and authorities may request changes in performance. An initial evaluation often indicates that adaptation of the existing installation is by far to prefer above new construction. And this is our area of work: adapting existing installations to new performance requirements.

We specialize in the conceptual design of such adaptations. The conceptual design consists of a technical specification of the necessary modifications with performance and implementation requirements.

In addition, we provide coherent services. Common services and also our working procedure are listed to the right. Our office is highly specialized, but limited in size and with little overhead. Therefore, we are flexible and we can adapt our services and procedure to your needs. Due to the low overhead, consulting costs remain low.

A project starts with a meeting without obligations. In this meeting, the issues are discussed and an initial (free) advice is given. After this, we make a quote for the follow-up services you need.

Services may be offered on hourly rates, with a fixed price or performance related. Depending on the type of work and your preferene, the work is carried out in one of our offices or on your site. For our warranties and other conditions see our delivery terms available on request.



Integral approach, taking into account the following aspects: You decide on the weighing of the aspects, we elaborate and generate proposals and options.

Avoid 'show stoppers' ...

In the route from brainstorming to detail engineering there are unexpected difficulties. Then, on-site specialism is required to avoid high follow-up costs or even 'show stoppers'. Therefore, it is wise to let us participate in the elaboration of projects. It costs little and it prevents costly slippers.